What is Statecraft?

Statecraft - an International Relations Simulation with 11 years of in class testing and refining by Dr. Keller of James Madison University. Statecraft puts students in a world where they will engage in trade, war, spying, two level games, and diplomacy throughout the semester.
Easy to use & decreases prep time-Statecraft runs itself for a recommended 7 to 8 weeks of the semester in large or small classes with little to no oversight needed by the Professor. To Set up a world simply type in your class size, the # of weeks you want to run Statecraft, and press save.
Improves in-class discussion and student engagement- Every student will have a unique country with different comparative advantages and disadvantages. With the goals in their gradebook students find using class discussions, readings, and lectures as a blue print for success in their Statecraft World.

Secondary Courses Brought to Life with Statecraft:

The Politics of Global Environment

International Political Economy

Foreign Policy

International Organization, International Law & Human Rights

Theoretical Perspectives & Level of Analysis

International Security